Thursday, April 29, 2010

Review: Cafe Pronto

Ok, the break is over and I am back on the blog. Sorry for the delay in posts, but I needed a break. That said -- on to my latest review.

Three weeks ago, I had a chance to experience Cafe Pronto at the Riva Festival in Annapolis.  This store was one of two locations run locally with a significant wholesale operation as well. Pronto's owners supplies beans to several shops in the region and considers the wholesale business to be their primary focus. The care for coffee on the wholesale side is fully evident at their retail store.

There are no drip coffee makers here. In the morning, all  coffee is french press or micro-steamed for cappuccino/latte-type drinks. Throughout the no-rush portion of the day, you can pick up a fresh cup at the over pour-bar (did I mention no drip).  They also had a Flat White on the menu (find out more about this here). I have never seen one of these at any coffee establishment and I have been wanting to try one ever since I read about them on the jimseven blog.

Unfortunately, the poor barista had to put up with me asking questions about coffee, brewing and beans for about 15 minutes, but what can I say, I loved this place.

If you are in the area, drop by, it will be worth your time. 


Danny Canham said...

And they sell chocolate with bacon in it. Which sounds cool and tastes awesome.

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