Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hot Drink on a Hot Day

As the scorching heat continues to bear down on the East Coast this week I thought it would be appropriate to deal with an issue that often pops up for many coffee drinkers during the summer: Hot or Cold.

If you have ever read my posts you know that I think cold coffee is a ridiculous abomination, but I understand how the heat of the day could lead some to stray from coffee perfection. However, I was recently told that drinking hot liquids on a hot day can actually have a cooling effect on the body. This sounded like good science to me. Unfortunately, the posts I have read suggest this is nothing more than an old wives tale.

Here is one example of a post-doc student arguing against the "hot drinks help you keep cool" theory.

Regardless of this "scientific" evidence I implore true coffee purists to celebrate hot coffee today even in the face of 100 degree plus temperatures. It is our duty as the carriers of the coffee flame.

PS: If you have more info about hot drinks on hot day, I would love to hear it.


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mm said...

fire within to = the fire without. learned that in egypt, where old men sit on outside all day drinking blazing hot tea. however, i love me an iced coffee. it's a whole different experience-- sort of like eating a frozen candy bar--totally different, just as enjoyable.

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a hot drink in a hot day?? well now that I remember, I have heard that from someone that it can work, hot with hot eliminates the hotness, but I have not tried it yet, I prefer a cold drink

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